Google needs your Web site to be Mobile Friendly by April 21st

Google needs your Web site to be Mobile Friendly by April 21st

Google announced a major search engine algorithm update that spells out impending doom to all web sites that are not “mobile friendly”.   On April 21st, Google will penalize all non-mobile friendly sites on all mobile search results. About 50% of total web traffic today is from mobile devices.

 What will happen a web site is not “Mobile Friendly”?

If you search on Google, from your phone or tablet, it will be nearly impossible to find non-mobile compliant  Web sites.  These non-mobile friendlym or non-responsive web site sites will likely take a hit in desktop organic search also, but that has not yet been confirmed.  

You should work toward having a mobile-friendly website by April 21 otherwise you may very well experience a dramatic decline in website visibility.

Recommended steps:

1. Search for your web site on your phone or tablet. Do you see a “mobile friendly” under  your  web site’s search results?








2.  Test your site using Google’s Mobile Friendly Test Page. Simply enter your website address into the box and click Analyze.

3. Call Events Online to discuss options to take your mobile friendly. There are some plug-ins or code that can provide mobile options.

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